Anne Almasy

Award-winning photographer

In what has become a quarterly ritual, I submitted a selection of wedding photos to a well-known wedding magazine. They were all weddings in beautiful locations, with gorgeous color and emotion and life and LOVE. I was so proud of each of them, and happy to share the stories I’d told through photographs for each couple.

A couple weeks after submitting, I got this reply: “These are all really pretty, but we want to see more details. More pictures of flowers, centerpieces, and any other details that really made these weddings special. Our Real Weddings section should give brides ideas for planning the perfect wedding.”


Wedding Music Video: The ‘Marryoke’ Trend (VIDEO)

The wedding video is no longer a simple documentation of your Big Day. Since cheap cameras and user-friendly editing software abound, pretty much anything is possible.

From wedding videos and marriage proposals designed to look like movie trailers, to thoughtfully staged save-the-date clips, we thought brides and grooms had done it all.

But here’s a new trend that might have some staying power: the “Marryoke” video (a play on “marriage” and “karaoke”). In these music video-style performances, couples and their wedding parties lip-synch to a chosen song at different times throughout their wedding. A production company tapes the footage, then edits it into a mock music video.


5 Ways To make A Lasting Impact With Your Wedding.

Your marriage can last a lifetime–your wedding, just a day. With all the planning, money, and energy put into the perfect wedding day, it’s over far too fast. At the end of the night, the details you put your heart into are cleaned up and sometimes thrown away, and you’ve got only the memories and photos to remember it by. But what if you could include a few special elements that live on — and give daily reminders — of your celebration and commitment?


Top 10 Apps for DIY Wedding Planning

Everybody’s doing it: Infusing just a little bit (or more) of themselves into an otherwise traditional day — and now they’re doing it themselves. Do It Yourself (DIY) techniques, projects and know-how not only help couples save money they would have (or couldn’t have) spent on professionals, but it also allows them to really take an active role in planning their special day, from projects and decorating to fashion, makeup, music and more.

With the experts breaking down the information in app-form, even the most novice brides and grooms can tackle DIY projects on their own.

Here, the top 10 apps DIY couples need to know about: