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Hire a Photo Booth for Joyous Occasions

Our Photo Booth uses the latest in digital camera and commercial printing technology available to give you the same high-quality photos you would get from a print lab.

Because the photo booth is not strictly a booth, ie. you don’t stand inside it, it is flexible to suit different venue sizes as well as group sizes. The photo booth can be set up with a background or used with the venue as a natural background.If your event is set in a stunning sculptured Tuscan garden with stone paving or set in rolling countryside the photo booth can be set up to take advantage of the location.

The Prints from the Photo booth are customizable. We can add branding, name’s colours, etc. Please just let us know when you book with us, and we will design the branding for you.

Great Reasons to Throw a Party with a Photobooth

Who doesn’t love having the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family members? There are numerous occasions throughout the year where you should consider hiring a photo booth company to provide you and your guests with lasting memories that you can keep close to your heart at whatever party you’re throwing. Below are just a few reasons as to why a photo booth is the perfect addition to your event, no matter what you’re celebrating!

 New Years

Imagine all of the hilarious and memorable photos that you and your friends can take together on New Years. The photo booth company that you hire will be able to provide you with props along with the photo capture system, allowing you to make the most out of your pictures together. It is also a great way to keep your guests entertained until the countdown for New Years Day Begins. Sharing your night with others via social media, which you can do from some booths, will allow you to show the rest of the world how to really party!

Matric Dance

One of the most important times in your life is your graduation as it signifies the beginning of your new life out of education institutes and in the world of work. Whether it is for a high school graduation or a college / university graduation, you should consider hiring a photo booth. This could be a great alternative to having a yearbook as you can take fun and unique pictures with your friends that you will be able to remember forever and embarrass them with at the reunion!


Spending money on a photographer to handle your engagement photos is a cost that many couples aren’t able to come up with, especially as many of them will be looking to save for a wedding! Instead of hiring a single photographer hire a photo booth for your engagement party. This will allow you to have pictures with all of your guests, instead of photos with just your bride-to-be or husband-to-be. Plus, they’d be a great thing to showcase at the wedding.

The Wedding Day

Think about the most important aspect of your wedding day: being able to remember it. Photographs are eternal and allow you to look back and reminisce on the times that you were able to spend with your friends and family members. Although you may be thinking that you will want to hire a photographer to handle the photos during your wedding, there isn’t a reason as to why you can’t hire a photo booth as well. Remember, these rental companies do not only specialise in one trade, they can also help you to find a DJ for the wedding or a venue that you may be interested in. Plus, you can take photos with everyone at the wedding and have your own personal copies that are immediately printed. It is a great addition to any event, particularly one that you will want to remember forever.

There are really so many reasons to hire a photobooth for your next big event. Capturing some fun memories of good times and having the flexibility to share them on social media straight away gives you a great way to tell the world how much fun your party is!